What People Say

Bell offers a kind, strong and earthy presence that combines her innate and authentic wisdom of self and land with an inquisitive questioning and a genuine interest. She has an ability to see beneath and look under what is being presented in order to find the hidden pieces of the bigger picture. She gives creative, insightful suggestions that support my Wholeness to flourish, which I believe she holds at the heart of our sessions. I feel safe, held, heard and honoured by our time together.
R. online mentoring

I worked with Bell Selkie for a period of just over 4 months.

Our focus was on dream work, at my request, and I shared many of my dreams with Bell.
We worked remotely using either Skype or a phone at approximately weekly intervals.  Often I would send her typed transcripts of dreams prior to sessions so she had time to refelect on them.  This was a good excerise for me and I believe made the time in the session more valuable for me.

 I had been on a dreamwork intense with Bell previously and had recently been having a lot of vivid dream activity so stepping into dreamwork felt like a natural work to pick up.

Bell is a great listener and seemed able to absorb my dream content readily and comprehensively.  She reflected back all sort of wonderful ideas, associations and thoughts about the dreams that would never have occurred to me.  Some proving to be rich veins for me to follow up on my own after the sessions.  Bell's creative energy, mystery and curiosity made all of our sessions interesting and thought provoking.

I thoughly enjoyed working with Bell and was sad when we had to stop the work,"
Andy, telephone mentoring

Bell is one of the most congruent and authentic people I have ever been privileged to meet. She is deep: deeply empathic and deeply trusting in the wisdom of the individual’s process. Mystery is her guide and her beloved as she watches the tides of birth and death within the phases of life, with an open heart and a compassionate response- even when it is a response of fierce love. She is one of the finest woman I know and I trust her with my life- beyond that of this body, more; that of my spirit and my soul.
Sara, face to face and online counselling

I was arrested for the first time last week, after taking part in a protest to block vehicles delivering weaponry to the World Arms Trade Fair in London.  The policeman who booked me in asked  "So. Who are you?"

I took a deep breath, reaching below the concrete floor, pipes and cables, to the good Earth and clean water that flows through her.  Raising my gaze, I locked eyes with his; uncomfortable; squirming . . .

And I remember . . .
sitting round a fire; circle of women; surrounded by skulls and fungi and trees.  ah the trees.  Hugging fragrant mugs.  Letting ceremonial Bell call attention to other than human beings;  reaching through us for the eloquence of nature spirits; letting the Earth describe herself; embody fox feet; owl eyes; deer ears - delve into the senses.
Sit still and connect, as practice, not daydream - a conscious act of looking after our souls.
Alone with Bell in a blue healing yurt, tears streaming down faces, wailing for all this grief to bear witness to.  Feeling strength in Bell's wisdom, hearing voices older than ours; deep listening to a calling.

Asking more of me.

And a year on, I live in a bender I built myself, spend my days preparing for winter mud and warmth.  I sleep on the Earth; dance sunrise and sunset; dream on the clouds;  Make plans for how to change the World;  Celebrate the wildness I am coming to know in myself -  Let it write itself bold into my bones.

And I let this wildness answer the question from the policeman, still squirming, deeply uncomfortable . . .

"I am a wild indigenous woman of these islands and I speak for the Land and her children, the Trees.

We do not give permission for you earth walkers to rip the metals and minerals from our flesh; to be heated and twisted in the fires of transformation fueled by our brothers and sisters of woody descent - tortured into weapons of destruction; contamination; poison to us all. There are no terms and conditions where this is agreeable to us.  You are in breach of your permission to thrive."
A, face to face mentoring and group work