Poems & Insights

Cadair Idris, Samhain 2015

Portents of change,
Growing in awareness,
Glowing and precious –
What else do I need to know?

The leaves are falling,
The rain is falling,
The water is falling
 from mountain lake to sea.

What else do I need to know?

Orion is rising and
Moon-chasing moths are
Seeking her high –ness
In dangerous places once more.

Oak, clad in leaf-fire
Is still,
Sending his energy downwards
And a single star is up there
In the darkness I am under
Memory finding me as I hide
In these night-woods.

There is nothing else I need to know.

Should wolf howl
Or  boar scuffle by,
Or my light catch the gleam
 of lynx’s eye

There would be no surprise.

These slow moments of thundering silence
Are a  doorway, a passageway,
Way in 
way out.