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You were made by earth, from earth, for earth

Find out what you are here to be .


Conventional knowledge is death to our souls and it is not really ours...we must become ignorant to what we have been taught and become, instead, bewildered.



Nature-based Human Development Mentor


I have been rooting into Cymru for 26 years, rewilding alongside 40 acres of ex-chemical dairy land in a multi-species co-creation called Ddaear Ydym Ni ! We are Earth ! 

Courting the edge where the worlds meet, I resecrate (restore to sacredness those who have been desecrated) land, people, rivers, trees , practices of living, language... Resecrating is the part of a new indigeny and I've been weaving together hearth and soul for 25 years, with much practical experience of creating strong physical, emotional and cultural " baskets" in which folks can unravel in order to tend to and heal and / or make sacred the wounding that is within them and around them. 


My work with individuals and groups, Bewilder, is inspired by Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute with whom I'm a member of the guild of Wild Mind guides. I also lean into 18 years experience of counselling and life coaching, of home-educating six children, co-founding and living in housing co-operatives and an organic farm co-operative, of bee-keeping and growing food,  non-violent direct activism for earth, and the casting of wordspells as a poet/writer. 



  • one-to-one mentoring ( in person or online)

  • group offerings of deep nature connection 

  • mistletoe plantings

  • supervision support for alternative therapists

  • one planet poetry




Deepen into your belonging and discover what earth made you to be ...connect to yourself, other people and the other than human world around you... working with a nature as mirror and guide

Sessions either in person or online/telephone. Accredited member of BACP and accredited NCFE Lifecoach.



These range from day-long immersions and nature connection circles (in person or online) to collaborations with others such as vision quests and intensive programmes  as well as hosting Animas Valley Institute programmes in UK.


Wild Mind Intensive - Latvia  13th - 17th August 21 with Sage Magdelene and Sara McFarland

Wild Mind Intensive – August 2021, Latvia | Animas Valley Institute

Befriending Darkness - Join others for group counsel and a one night solo vigil in private woodland, to explore darkness within and around. Nr Narberth, Cymru   27th-28th August 21

Autumn Solo Quest  - Dartmoor with Rebecca Joy Card 4th - 13th Sept 21

Autumn Soul Quest – Nature Wisdom

Ynys Enlli / Bardsey Island Retreat - Cymru /Wales Sept 25th - 2nd Oct 21

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I have been planting mistletoe as a practice of connection for over 20 years. Mistletoe was the plant of peace and fertility for my UK ancestors  and I plant it with the intention of bringing both qualities. I offer a 30 seed mistletoe planting service in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion which can be purchased as Valentine/ Yuletide gifts with a mistletoe themed gift card that is exchanged for a March planting . I also run workshops on how to plant your own mistletoe. Contact me for details.



...let the merging begin...