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You were made by earth, from earth, for earth

Find out what you are here to be .


Conventional knowledge is death to our souls and it is not really ours...we must become ignorant to what we have been taught and become, instead, bewildered.



Nature-based Human Development Mentor


I have been rooting into Cymru for 27 years, rewilding alongside 40 acres of ex-chemical dairy land in a multi-species co-creation called Ddaear Ydym Ni ! We are Earth ! 

Courting the edge where the worlds meet, I resecrate (restore to sacredness those who have been desecrated) land, people, rivers, trees , practices of living, language... Resecrating is the part of a new indigeny and I've been weaving together hearth and soul for 25 years, with much practical experience of creating strong physical, emotional and cultural " baskets" in which folks can unravel in order to tend to and heal and / or make sacred the wounding that is within them and around them. 


My work with individuals and groups, Bewilder, is inspired by Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute with whom I'm a member of the guild of Wild Mind guides. I also lean into 18 years experience of counselling and life coaching, of home-educating six children, co-founding and living in housing co-operatives and an organic farm co-operative, of bee-keeping and growing food,  non-violent direct activism for earth, and the casting of wordspells as a poet/writer. 



  • one-to-one mentoring ( in person or online)

  • group offerings of deep nature connection 

  • mistletoe plantings

  • supervision support for alternative therapists

  • one planet poetry




Deepen into your belonging and discover what earth made you to be ...connect to yourself, other people and the other than human world around you... working with a nature as mirror and guide

Sessions either in person or online/telephone. Wild Mind guide with Animas Valley Institute , accredited member of BACP and accredited NCFE Lifecoach.



These range from day-long immersions and nature connection circles (in person or online) to collaborations with others such as vision quests and intensive programmes  as well as hosting Animas Valley Institute programmes in UK.


The Way of Council and Art of Mirroring (for Animas Valley Institute)

1-5th August 2022 Dartmoor England

 Guides : Brian Stafford and Bell Selkie (Animas Guides)

Claire Milne and Rebecca Card (Hearth Tenders)


£710 ( some concessions available)

To be artfully mirrored is perhaps one of the greatest gifts one can receive. The art of mirroring is in many ways the art of Love - to receive another's story is a deep honour; to mirror it back in a way that expands their being is an act of Love manifest.


Mirroring is a collection of skills employed in receiving, embracing, and honoring each others’ stories. In mirroring, we neither project nor interpret but rather celebrate the magic of the story and the gifts of the One Who Bears the Tale. We help the storyteller glean-harvest-reap the jewels, the dark ones as well as those that sparkle.

The Way of Council and the Art of Mirroring are invaluable practices on the descent to soul. Although much of the descent is solitary, gathering with others in council can make all the difference in finding our way. In the mirror of another, our eyes are opened to aspects of both our gifts and our challenges that we might not have seen otherwise. We are encouraged and inspired to drop into realms that are scary, edgy, darkly alluring, mysterious, and ecstatic — dangerous, yes, but keenly aligned with our deepest longings. During council and through mirroring, we serve as consorts for each other’s mysteries. We are supported to track threads of our soul story that can crack us open to irrefutable truths about our core nature and our connection to the Others, the larger field in which our councils occur. All this helps us better perceive the threads of our individual soul stories and our unique ways of belonging to the world.

This program is intended for both those wanting to deepen their own soul journey as well as those drawing on mirroring and council within their own offerings in the world. 

Please check out                             for more details about Animas Valley Institute, the work of Bill Plotkin and other Offerings.

To register for this program please email - we will then send you details of how to confirm your place. Places for this program are already filling prior to us sharing it with our networks so you would be wise to book swiftly

Words with soil on their roots - writing the poetry of Earth

online : 2.5 hours 6pm gmt march 30th/ april 13th/ april 27th 2022

in person: 2.5 hours  6.30 pm march 31st /April 14th april 28th 2022

 This is an offering for those of us who are moved by the beauty and suffering of this planet and the times we are in to write words in forms that might be called poems…

I’m calling in:

  • Those who might not identify themselves as poets but who write in poetic forms , 

  • Those that recognise they are poets but are furtive about it ( …so many notebooks with scrawlings …)

  • Those that know they are poets and long for a place to get inspired,heard and helped to speak even more beautifully about what they sift ( sense, imagine, feel and think)

  • Those who speak/ feel/ think poetically but haven't yet written anything.

What is being offered : 

  • Alongsideness with other poets (self declared or not!) that will not be dominated by egos competing for airspace - rather it is held as a creative offering to Earth. I aim to hold it so that the most sensitive amongst us can feel at home.

  • Writing prompts and nature based practices so that, instead of waiting for your muse to whisper in your ear, you can learn how to court your creativity playfully and powerfully 

  • Some tips and guidance from me on how to hone what you write and respectful feedback from others of what they enjoyed , were moved by, where they got lost etc

Betwixt - Exploring the Thresholds between the Worlds

PROGRAM FULLY BOOKED - please get in touch to join wait list / be contacted about next offering of it

In a time of increasing polarity and disconnection this is an invitation to those who wish to linger in-between long enough to learn what it is to be at the threshold, the place of not knowing, the liminal and the mysterious. To stay long enough to become undone, to unravel from who we thought we were and become something else, perhaps the threshold itself. 

An equinox weekend March 18-20th 2022in Cymru co -guided with Rebecca Joy Card of Nature Wisdom

Befriending Darkness - Join others for group counsel and a one night solo vigil in private woodland, to explore darkness within and around. Nr Narberth, Cymru

dates to be confirmed

Spring Solo Quest  - Dartmoor with Rebecca Joy Card 10th - 19th May 22

Spring Solo Quest – Nature Wisdom

Also known as a Vision Quest, this ancient 4 day ceremony with the land, with yourself and with Mystery offers a potential rite of initiation, a journey to the underworld to uncover what is uniquely yours as a gift to yourself and to the earth community. This deep process is in itself an offering to Life.

Through fasting, self generated ceremony and direct contact with the other-than-human world, including the wild elements, lies the opportunity for healing, maturation and deeper meaning. 

This ceremony is held as a death process ~ a soul descent that creates the conditions for the initiate to die to the familiar ways of inhabiting the world and to be ‘undone’ in a held, safe and potent way that supports you to find ‘what is hidden as a gift to others’.

Are you feeling called to this marking ceremony?  What are you ready to say ‘yes’ to?

Please note an application process in necessary and note that there is now a tiered exchange system.

Ynys Enlli / Bardsey Island Retreat - Cymru /Wales Sept 24th - Oct 1st 22


There is an island off the west coast of Cymru that is known as island of tides. On this rock, sea prevails and you are always in the sound, smell and sight of water. It’s called a holy island – the island of 20,000 saints and is a pilgrimage destination. Before christianity it is said that it is the burial place of Myrddin/ Merlin. It’s a place to get whole. 

This is a retreat – there is no electricity in the house we are staying in and virtually no reception on Enlli so it’s a good place to stop, tech detox and to gather yourself in at this time of harvest. There is very little to do except be here. Be weathered, be enchanted, be in the song of seals as they nurse their pups on the beaches, be under the spell of fire that is the heat for Ty Capel (the chapel house).


You are invited to come and to be as present to this place as you can be – this isn’t just an opportunity for you to take space and time for yourself, but also a time to offer your full attention to a place and to listen in deeply to the conversation of rock, water, seal, chough and wind and willows

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I have been planting mistletoe as a practice of connection for over 20 years. Mistletoe was the plant of peace and fertility for my UK ancestors  and I plant it with the intention of bringing both qualities. I offer a 30 seed mistletoe planting service in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion which can be purchased as Valentine/ Yuletide gifts with a mistletoe themed gift card that is exchanged for a March planting . I also run workshops on how to plant your own mistletoe. Contact me for details.