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HG one to one mentoring 2020-2021

“It’s really hard to put into words how much working with Bell has helped me. As well as offering a
safe space to air and explore my most challenging thoughts and feelings, Bell offered me very
practical tools and techniques to understand myself and my experience. This has had a real-life
impact on my relationship with myself, the world around me, and my relationship with others. I am
confident that I will go forwards in life with more trust in myself and my ability to navigate my way
through life. I am learning to feel and to hold my emotions compassionately and my boundaries with
strength and dignity.”

JG 2021  Bardsey retreat

Bardsey is a numinous place, replete with synchronicity and insight. Wandering and solitude by day, community and warmth by night. This seemingly small island grew the longer i spent on it (or maybe i got smaller?). At the beginning i was sure i would make it round the island several times, perhaps even getting bored, wanting more to see and do. I was wrong. I set out on the first day to walk a circuit of the island and found a quiet and insistent part of myself drawn to a cave which held me in mutual attention for most of the day. A similar thing repeated day by day; I set out, intent on reaching somewhere, with a task and a plan, only to be waylaid by some small yet gripping happenstance along my path. I soon learnt to savour this, any busy-ness slipping away into the greater surrounding expanse, giving way to richer and less seen depths of my psyche to unfold onwards through leaf mulch as scarlet elf cups in midwinter. 

Eleanor  one-to-one mentoring 2020-21

Bell holds a sacred space where I could show up in all my messiness and be truly seen. Adept in helping me navigate sometimes very uncomfortable places, she always brings compassion and a deep understanding to our sessions. I gave her permission to challenge me and she did, but in ways that were loving and accepting which has led to some profound changes in my relationship to myself and my life. I am privileged to have worked with Bell and I know that the work we did together will still ripple in unexpected ways in the future.

NM  One-to-one mentoring and VQ 2019-2021

It seems that when it’s your time to work with Bell she will uncannily appear in your life. Whether you sense it consciously or not, she arrives in response to your soul’s calling. Out of a deep sense of readiness to decommission the outdated structures of your life and psyche, and to step into a much truer expression of who you are. Of who you came here to be. 


Be in no doubt, she will unravel you. With hawk-eyed acuity, a salty sense of humour, and fierce mother-love, she’ll set about her work as an agent of soul reconnection - bringing you back into right relationship with your own nature and with your place in the more-than-human world. She’ll dance and weave her way through your assumptions, beliefs, and dreams to deftly deconstruct who you think you are. And at the same time she boldly challenges, resources and inspires you to reclaim those aspects of yourself that were lost. To step up and embrace your unique quest in this world. 


I’m deeply grateful to Bell for guiding me through a powerfully transitional period in my life. I’d come to the end of the road in terms of the viability of my old survival patterns and lifestyle, and change was coming one way or another. Faced with such uncomfortable uncertainty, it would have been easy to make choices that were rooted in fear or old habits. To opt out of the invitation to follow my deep gut-wisdom and my calling. Instead, Bell helped me choose the most heart-aligned, life-affirming, and courageous path, and helped me to stay on it. That was key; I found working with a Guide essential to navigating this journey, as there can be many traps and pitfalls along the way. 


I look back on this time now with pride, awe, and a knowing that while it might not look how I could ever have expected, it’s exactly what I needed to do. I have also gained a great deal more self-awareness and shifted my attitudes in relation to aspects about myself, my life and the world. I've softened and grown in ways I am still only sensing glimmers of. And above all, what working with Bell has restored for me, is confidence and trust in my own intuitive understanding and skills to really walk my own unique path in this life.

JS  One-to-one mentoring 2019 - 2021

I've worked with Bell for 2 years now. I dont feel like there have been dramatic, transformational moments; it feels deeper than that…. A gradual deep dawning (yawning?)…. rooting through the depths, flirting with parts of myself that have been unseen for many years, and then going further to create a real relationship with them.  The change bobs-up in the mundane and everyday in remarkable ways - I know people around me feel it, and life seems less and less like a constant full-on psycho-spiritual assault and more and more like unravelling and flow.  Bell is deeply perceptive and wise and mature in the truest sense of the word.  She knows when to push, when to pull and when to just wait and watch time pass.  Bell works with process, and doesn’t let it invade the moment.  She brings herself to the work in a way that allows reflection, without it being about her - there is a flow to the work which makes it feel like it’s about collaboratively uncovering truths together.  Her ‘read’ of the moment is really strong, and often helps to shine a light on something unseen or unsaid.  Her insights are held and offered lightly, and often brought to life exactly, ridiculously, (frustratingly), poignantly through the words of a poet.  Thank you.

AW  One-to-one mentoring 2021 - 2022

"working with Bell is like returning to myself, remembering... bringing in all the scattered part.... the wild and free, the spacious, the knowing, the fierce warrior and the gentle observer. Bell mirrors and smiles beautifully and isn't afraid to fight you until you love yourself "

P One-to-one mentoring 2020-2021

I look forward to my sessions with Bell because she immediately brings me back down to earth and connects me with parts of myself that are often buried in the fog of the thought processes in my head. I often forget my need to connect with nature and that energy of life. I get myself into a black hole and she reminds me of the methods to climb out. I would love to meet her in person instead of zoom one day because I straightaway realised what a strong and loving person she is with all the skills of motherhood and her profession. The zoom sessions work really well for me.

N June 2020 Solo quest

Bell’s presence on this quest really inspired me in so many ways and I’m deeply grateful for her presence on this journey. She generously and seamlessly intermingles wisdom with down-to-earth practical support and care. Her radiant passion shines through in her sharing of poetry, ceremony, and simply in the way she embodies this work so powerfully and genuinely in her day-to-day presence. Through her deep empathy, vast experience and razor-sharp insight she was able to reflect back and tease out with great skill many of the aspects of my experience that held the potential for personal healing, understanding and transformation.  


M June 2020 Solo quest

Bell brings myth, poetry and a wild connection to the land. I was struck by her strength and motherliness, her ability to embody the sacred fool and bring incredible depths of perception during our councils. She has clearly travelled deeply in the underworld and eminated an understanding of these realms. Her sensitivity, presence and care was so supportive, I felt very grateful to her soulfulness and her fierce love. 


E June 2020 Solo quest

Such a deep pool of wisdom and reflection, cutting to the bones of things, drawing out truth and pulling back the veils in a way that nurtures wildly honest self-seeing and the potential for real growth and transformation. I especially love Bell’s integration of poetry with mirroring and mentoring, having familiarity with and access to those weavings of words that summon the wordless. 


R June 2020 Solo quest

Bell made herself so available for us questers in so many ways. I felt like I could go to her (and did) for friendly chats, support and nurturance with pretty much anything and things I could well feel embarrassed about doing so with another person. It was really significant to have someone who was open to this, given the nature of the quest where there is a really necessary practical aspect to work with and psychologically our edges are being continually met and reassurance is just what is needed. I also thought Bell was so attuned to us during the councils. I appreciated how it seemed like she didn't seem to hold back from saying anything and some of the questions she would ask struck me as very bold and powerful ie. 'what breaks your heart?'. I have to say I also had the real sense that, true to her soul name, she was able to see things in us that we weren't yet able to see in ourselves. 


RM one-to-one mentoring 2020-21

Bell has literally been that. Like a bell calling to a part of me that needs to be heard and given space, a deeper calling from within and without. It is a call that I've heard before, but in my time with Bell she has allowed parts of me to be seen, felt and tended to. The journey continues.

I recommend working with Bell wholeheartedly, she will help awaken what you know in yourself already but don't give enough energy to.


NH one-to-one mentoring 2019-21

Bell has helped open my eyes and heart to the parts of me that were scared to appear. She has been an inspiration and a comfort and has challenged me in ways that have uncovered a more thoughtful me. She has helped awaken my insight so that I can go on to explore the things that make me who I am. She helped me to trust myself more fully and not be afraid of my intuition. I hope to work with Bell more in the future to keep exploring the deeper hidden parts that so often appear...


EG  one-to-one 2020-21

'Working with Bell has been a deeply moving and touching experience, handled with professionalism, creativity and huge amount of compassion. She works by being sensitive to what are the most effective techniques for me to use and when needed, has given me the push to face my issues and how to resolve them. Bell is very intuitive with how she works, knowing how to delve into ways of practice that are most beneficial to who I am. She helps to shine a light into dark places and has given me the confidence to find the hidden gifts within. I would highly recommend working with Bell if you are ready to really start to face those things you would rather not and those things holding you back. It has been a roller coaster of a ride, but it has given me such clarity of self and a purpose that has been missing from my life for many years.'

NE  one-to-one 2018-21

Bell's sensitivity and professionalism have allowed me to explore aspects of myself and my past that have troubled me, consciously and unconsciously, for many years. This isn't always easy, however with Bell's help in holding the space the process of facing some of these dark corners is taking place which is allowing me to feel optimistic about possibilities within life that I closed the door to a long time ago."


NI 121 counselling

Working with Bell felt very comfortable. Bell helped me realise and foster the strengths and qualities i already possessed. I really connected with her approach and feel I have definitely made progress with my emotional resilience as a result of our sessions. 


AM one-to one 2019

Bell started mentoring me after I met her during a Wild Mind Intensive. I instantly connected to her Wild and embodied presence and knew that I was going to be learning big things from her. 

In our sessions together, she gently supported me in discovering the hidden gems in the things I so often overlooked, with unconditional positive regard and curiosity she held the space for me to express, to cry, to sometimes fumble with my words and empowered me to keep re-connecting with my wholeness and also my fragmented parts. 

With love and compassion she challenged me when I needed it and guided me through different meditations to soothe, explore and uncover. Every session was a beautiful co-creation of her intuition meeting mine and I always felt like I could be totally honest and authentic about where I was at. 

Bell's mentoring sessions helped to keep me grounded and got me through a hard time of leaving my soul community, leaving the wilderness and  helped me through my re-integration process. The returning back to my everyday life was very challenging and Bell helped me slowly start to transform that painful separation into a connection to the wilderness in my everyday life, keeping the threads of Mystery alive and present within my conscious self. 

Her authenticity, kindness and genuine care helped me to begin a new cycle of healing, grounding and rootedness that is currently feeling so damn good! 


RE one to one mentoring 

Bell offers a kind, strong and earthy presence that combines her innate and authentic wisdom of self and land with an inquisitive questioning and a genuine interest. She has an ability to see beneath and look under what is being presented in order to find the hidden pieces of the bigger picture. She gives creative, insightful suggestions that support my wholeness to flourish, which I believe she holds at the heart of our sessions. I feel safe, held, heard and honoured by our time together."

AN one to one  2018

"I worked with Bell for a period of just over 4 months. Our focus was on dream work, at my request, and I shared many of my dreams with Bell..I had been on a dreamwork intensive with Bell previously and had recently been having a lot of vivid dream activity so stepping into dreamwork felt like a natural work to pick up.Bell is a great listener and seemed able to absorb my dream content readily and comprehensively.  She reflected back all sort of wonderful ideas, associations and thoughts about the dreams that would never have occurred to me many proving to be rich veins for me to follow up on my own after the sessions.  Bell's creative energy, mystery and curiosity made all of our sessions interesting and provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bell .."

SA mentoring 2018

Bell is one of the most congruent and authentic people I have ever been privileged to meet. She is deep: deeply empathic and deeply trusting in the wisdom of the individual’s process. Mystery is her guide and her beloved as she watches the tides of birth and death within the phases of life, with an open heart and a compassionate response- even when it is a response of fierce love. She is one of the finest women I know and I trust her with my life - beyond that of this body, more; that of my spirit and my soul."


JE Wild Mind 2018

Bell was very authentic and real and provided a lot of space to people which i think created good atmosphere - very open to hearing from the participants and also offering her own experience which is a beautiful and vulnerable act.

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