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Wild Death - placing Death at the centre of a whole life 

Sept 12th - Sept 15th 2024  

 Dartmoor, England


( supported places available) 

 Co-guided by Rebecca Joy Card and in collaboration with 


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“...It’s very strange where you come from…it seems to me ... everybody wakes up expecting to live.” 

Spoken by Martine Prechtel, paraphrased by Stephen Jenkinson in Diewise

We are living in uncertain times, yet one thing is certain ~ each of us will die. Indeed, as a species along with so many other beings, we may well be facing our collective death. How shall we choose to do to this?

“Expecting to live is training wheels on the spaceship of our entitlement. In a culture that wakes up everyday demanding to live , dying is a failure..” Stephen Jenkinson - Diewise

In contrast to the death phobic modern culture, we are offering an opportunity to feel our way towards untangling the knot we often have around Death. We invite you into an exploration of what needs healing and wholing within to be ready for death. One question we might ask is, ‘What needs to die so that I can live fully?’. We will be tracking what is lost when we live avoiding the fact of our physical mortality. such as a respect for aging and processes of decay, and the failure of our culture to midwife the psycho-spiritual deaths/rebirths that are part of healthy human development in nature based cultures

“Waking up expecting to live is how people who hold life at arm's length do so” 


We invite you to join us for 5 days of embodied nature-based practices, including the Wild Mind map developed by Bill Plotkin. Exploring through deep imagination, wild creativity and ceremony whilst held by the land of Dartmoor we will turn to look at our lives through the natural lens of death. An intimacy with the cycles of life can help us to see with better eyes, so we can navigate troubled times not by fear but inspired by Earth’s vision.


Introducing Rebecca Joy Card ,
fellow guide.

Rebecca is based on the granite and mossed-laden land of Dartmoor where she works as a Nature-based Soul Guide, Human Development Mentor and Cultural Healing Practitioner. She supports people to find their authentic selves and to embody wholeness through the Wild Mind map of the psyche developed by Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute. She guides anyone who is ready towards a soul-rooted life through Vision Quests and other practices of the wild. Rebecca has an affinity with the underworld and loves to invite others to spend time there. Re-sacralizing our relationship with the earth and the animate world is central to her life and offerings as part of us all re~membering that we belong. She is delighted and deeply inspired by poetry, birds and nurturing fulfilling human connections.

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