Ynys Enlli / Bardsey Island Retreat  25th Sept – Oct 2nd 2021
















There is an island off the west coast of Cymru that is known as island of tides. On this rock, sea prevails and you are always in the sound, smell and sight of water. It’s called a holy island – the island of 20,000 saints and is a pilgrimage destination. Before christianity it is said that it is the burial place of Myrddin/ Merlin. It’s a place to get whole. 


You are invited to drop down into the depths of yourself from 25th Sept -2nd Oct 2021.

This is a retreat – there is no electricity in the house we are staying in and virtually no reception on Enlli so it’s a good place to stop, tech detox and to gather yourself in at this time of harvest. There is very little to do except be here. Be weathered, be enchanted, be in the song of seals as they nurse their pups on the beaches, be under the spell of fire that is the heat for Ty Capel (the chapel house).


You are invited to come and to be as present to this place as you can be – this isn’t just an opportunity for you to take space and time for yourself, but also a time to offer your full attention to a place and to listen in deeply to the conversation of rock, water, seal, chough and wind and willows. So I’d suggest coming without plans to “do”, or too many books and other things that take you away into your head, but more with journal, art materials, musical instruments, voices and things which activate your creative responses with which you can mirror back to Enlli her beauty, aliveness and power. 


The retreat will be loosely held and I won't formally be guiding. Every morning at 9 am and evening at 7.30 pm we will gather to be in counsel for an hour. Counsel “rules” are simple – speak from the heart, listen from the heart, get to the heart of the matter (i.e. be brief) and be spontaneous. 

The rest of the time is for you to rest deeply and to wander, to listen into your own “inner village” of parts of you that show up when there are no distractions, and also to listen in to Enlli and to the larger earth community living there; also to enjoy the company of the other humans if you choose to, though wanting a more solitary time is welcome too. We will be alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis free. 


We will share an evening meal – each one of us will cook a vegan, sugar free (and gf free if needed) meal for the others each day. We will bring our own breakfast and lunch and all our food as there is limited supply on the island. 

There are 8 beds – two doubles and two twin rooms so you will be sharing either a room or a bed. 


The cost of the time on Enlli covers the house rental (£70)– you will need to pay independently for your boat trip (around £50 / person return trip) and car parking (£15 /vehicle) on the mainland. 

So as not to add admin costs/ work for me onto the trip, please do read the website thoroughly as many of your practical questions will be answered by doing so. 

Ymddiriedolaeth Ynys Enlli / Bardsey Island Trust 


Because sea rules here, the boat crossing can be delayed – you will need to be prepared for a delayed crossing to Enlli ..In the past others have slept in their cars, camped nearby or used pilgrim pods at http://penrallt.co.uk/ so please factor in a sudden expense for delayed travel just in case.


Let me know if you are interested and/ or have questions (after reading the website thoroughly :-) )

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