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Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is the time to enter the earth’s, and our, dreaming. Our bodies, along with the body of the earth, need rest, hibernation, slowing down in order to be with the potency of our dreams for it is from them that the rest of our lives can be shaped. How we choose to show up, what we choose to respond to, the parts that hold us back from living the fullest version of ourselves ~ are all offered to us by Mystery through the underworld of our psyches, the unconscious realm, at night when we sleep, and also in our waking dreams.

You are warmly invited to join us for an intimate soul gathering in the depths of winter to explore our individual and collective dreams, both sleeping and waking. There will be invitations to work with dream encounters through enactment, time with the land and the other-than-humans of Snowdonia, as well as hearthside councils, movement, art and, that's right, rest.

Exchange: £430/£510. Please contact us if this exchange is restrictive for you.

This will be a small group (max 6) so early booking is advised.

'….I am concerned with the earth not as an object of some human dream, but with the earth itself and its inherent powers in bringing forth this marvellous display of beauty in such unending profusion, a display so overwhelming to human consciousness that we might very well speak of it as being dreamed into existence'. ~ from The Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry

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